Denmark: Muslim pilgrims conned

Swedish Muslims who had planned to travel to Mecca on the Hajj pilgrimage are believed to be among the victims of a Danish travel agent suspected of stealing their money and passports.

Four people from the Malmö area are believed to be among the travel agent's victims. They have reported the man to Malmö police for fraud and theft.

"We handed over our passports and paid 18,000 kronor to the agent. Now our passports have been cancelled, so we can't get anywhere, and the travel agent might try to use our passports for people smuggling," one of the victims told Metro. Danish police are now searching for the suspected fraudster, who is believed to have gone into hiding.
Source: The Local (English)


Anonymous said...

Violence marks French réveillon; more of 400 cars have been set on fire

Reuters: Vandals set fire to around 400 cars during the night and the French police informed to have bound more of 250 persons, in a wave of violence that marked the celebrations of year in the France.

In an effort for maintain the order, 25 000 policemen were mobilized in all the country during the night, including 4500 in Paris, where the authorities prohibited pyrotechnic shows.

The police affirmed that, to the 6h (local schedule), 258 persons had been detainees in the entire country, including two infants of 8 and 10 years that set on fire garbage cans in Strasbourg.

Three infants with age between 10 and 12 years were detainees in a suburb of Paris, after will be caught in the act carrying buckets of gasoline.

Set fire on cars became a common event in the France during the commemorations of year, specially in the poor suburbs of many cities.

(And the shit of the left-wing treacherous press is so vagabond and impudent that stifles who are those poor: muslims.)


Captain USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
HAPPY NEW YEAR Infidels!!!

ignore the threat of Jihad
just keep sleeping like sheep

Anonymous said...

Our infants, our future...

Education in the Saudi Arabia: video of the state-owned TV IQRA, showing as should be "the ideal education" of a Saudi infant on Jews - shocking!

3 years and half. In that age, the girl already knows to repeat what learned how in the school and at home:

"The Jews are monkeys and pigs. Who said that was our god (Allah), in the Koran. Because... they do not like our prophet Mohammed... he killed someone. ..”