Netherlands: Comedian should be killed

Ewout Jansen is a Dutch comedian.  As part of his show he makes fun of Muslims, which brings about different negative reactions - from abuse from the audience to storming the podium.  Jansen says many times Moroccan kids shout at him that he should be killed.

University paper Folia decided to get an official reaction from the Muslim community and therefore turned to Assoenna Mosque (Sonat Mosque) in Amsterdam.  

In an interview, a spokesman for the mosque said that Jansen should be killed "according to Islam" because of the jokes he makes.  If I understand the interview correctly, he also said Jansen should be sued and that if the judge doesn't do anything, then the Muslims should take care of it.  The spokesman also said that Van Gogh had been warned of the fate that awaited him.

Assoenna Mosque claims that the person interviewed is not an official representative of the mosque and was just passing through.  Folia, on the other hand, claims they talked to an interpreter named Mr. Kabli and that the mosque brought him to be interviewed.  He spoke in the presence of several mosque leaders.  The mosque's imam, Mohammed Bouljhaf, was also present during the interview, but left halfway through, before the comments were made.

I had tried looking up more information about Assoenna mosque and to find out whether there is a Mr. Kabli there, but did not find anything at all.

Sources: Folia (Dutch), Parool (Dutch)

Klein Verzet is following up on this story .


Snouck said...

"I had tried looking up more information about Assoenna mosque and to find out whether there is a Mr. Kabli there, but did not find anything at all."

there is an As-Soenna mosque in The Hague, but I can't find one for Amsterdam. Still, if Aboutaleb goes drinking tea there it must be an Amsterdam mosque, as he is an Amsterdam Aelderman.



Esther said...

Hi Snouck,

There is an As-Soenna mosque in Amsterdam. You can google Stichting Moskee Sonat for more about it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This happened once before in Europe, about 70 years ago: You make a joke about the wrong people, and you find a bunch of goons in the audience aren't laughing.

So who's getting demonized in the media? The comedian, or the dysfunctional, insecure people who want to clobber him?

Dinah Lord said...

Terrific blog (and I did give you a linky!) Always glad to meet a fellow traveler.

Can't believe they tried to pull the old 'just passing through' dodge. Just passing through like those shit-disturbing Danish Imams and their Mohammed cartoons. Remember those 'holy men'?

Keep fighting the good fight. Cheers.

Esther said...

Hi nevsky,

I would say that neither. The person being discussed is Ahmed Aboutaleb, an Amsterdam municipality alderman who tried to calm things down by getting the mosque's immediate condemnation. I will write up an article on that soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Esther.

I just updated the links on my blog The Murky Waters, and I added you in.

Anonymous said...

Correspondentie- en vestigingsadres: Stichting El Tawheed
Jan Hanzenstraat 114
1053 SV Amsterdam

Tel: 020-618 26 45
Fax: 020-689 33 87

Op hun website is te zien dat ze ook een actie voor de nikaab voeren.

Esther said...


wat is het verband tussen El Tawheed en As-Soenna?

Anonymous said...

Frightening news.
We all knew about the intolerance of Islam. But willing to kill people for that reason is scary.
Well, it's probably part of what says the Qu'ran: Occident is evil and no Allah believers are infidels. Qu'ran explain that infidels must be killed.
My question then: why muslims keep immigrate to Occident?
My guess? two reasons possible.
Or they sneak in to control
Or they discover the right to drink alcohol, use drugs and fuck prostitutes, as all these things are prohibited in their own country.

Yankee Doodle said...


Actually some Muslims move to western countries seeking the freedom there. There are some Muslims who wish to reform and secularize their religion. These people are very disappointed to find out that the radicalism is in the mosques in western countries.

Many others are here to dominate. They are the ones radicalizing the mosques and ruining it for the others.

By the way: hypocrisy is allowed in Islam -- you can drink alcohol, commit adultery, etc, and still get into Islamic paradise as a jihadi martyr. You might say these guys are "dying to get to Allah".