Belgium: home slaughter not reduced

According to the animal rights organization Gaia the number the sheep slaughtered illegally at home during Eid ul-Adha in the Brussels region did not decrease this year. The same number of carcasses were picked up this year as last year.

According ot Gaia these carcasses come from illegal home-slaughter. "People are clearly not prevent these forbidden practices since these regulations are made only half-heartingly" says Michel Vandenbosch, Gaia president.

"So the transport of sheep in passenger cars is always permitted and the flesh of ritual slaughter is not subjected to inspection. The public prosecutions rarely if ever sue, thereby the courts and gov't give the impression that slaughter can be done at home without punishment.

Source: HLN (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs, the Holy Koran demands that people treat animals with repect- taking care to ensure the animal does not suffer, and does not see other animals being slaughtered. So what has happened here then? Why have these Muslims not complied with their Holy Koran?There is no justification for people to extend any treatment-torturous and brutal as they like. Sheep feel pain just like dogs feel pain just like humans of all persuasions feel pain. Afterall we are all animals. So how about sticking to your religious teachings and doing what it says? Treat ALL animals with the respect they derserve.

Esther said...

There are two issues here: animal rights and sanitary requirements.

I do not think Muslim slaughter is more cruel to animals. "regular" slaughter houses do not care about the animals and only want to get out as much meat as fast as possible. Whoever really cares about animal rights would not eat meat. Belgians are one of the world's top consumers of foie gras, so it's really hypocritical to start accusing others of being cruel to animals.

I think state law comes more to protect public health and to uphold sanitary requirements. I am surprised that those issues are being brought up only as an after thought when it comes to home slaughter.

Anonymous said...

I bet the slaughter of sheep is just practice for when they get their arm around an infidel.