Belgium: Pupil stabs principal

A student in a technical school in Dinant broke into the principal's office this morning and stabbed the man many times with a knife.  The 16 year old was sent last Friday back home after drug problems.  His was later picked up.  The principal's condition is "serious" and the school had been closed.

The student was sent home last Friday since he dealt marijuana inside the school.  He threatened then with reprisals.  The student broke into the principal's office in the Institut Cousot about 9:15AM.  He stabbed the man several times in the abdoman and back.  The man was brought to a hospital and his condition is described as "serious".

The prosecution says that the student had been arrested.  Despite the student's age, an investigation was started, due to the seriousness of the events.  About the suspect the prosecution said that he is not a Belgian citizen and that he already has a file by the youth court for stealing an MP3 player last November.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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