Norway: Gigantic ID fraud

In my current research I've been picking up a bit of Norwegian.  This is a general translation of what I understood from an Aftenposten article in Norwegian.  Please take it with a grain of salt.  I was waiting for it to appear in English.. if it does, I'll bring it.  I'll be glad to hear how close my understanding is.

Several Iraqi asylum seekers are being investigated for using false identity.

Norway's Immigration Agency (UDI) has turned over material to the police implicating a 49 year old Iranian Kurd.  The material included 243 names from the man's computer.  He is being accused of people smuggling and falsifying documents.

UDI has set up a team to go over the evidence from the police, comparing the list of names to that of the DUF register (DUF is a joint registration system and case processing tool for all immigration authorities).

This was apparently organized by a criminal gang, who for money offered any type of needed ID.

This gang also furnished Bestun Karim Assad with new identity in order to flee Norwegian police.  Assad was wanted on charges of group rape in Oslo.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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