Netherlands: restoring virginity

I was about to translate a recent article from Trouw about female circumcision, but I noticed Klein Verzet beat me to it: 80% of Dutch Somali woman genitally mutilated .  Regarding the difference in estimates (0.4% to 80%), the article states that 80% might go through a more "light" circumcision.

The Dutch Minister of Health, Hoogervorst wants to call a stop to hymen repairs such are done to Muslim girls.  In these operations the hymen is "restored" by sewing the vagina walls to each other.  That happens since men want their wife to bleed on the wedding night in order to show that she is a virgin.

"This contradicts medical ethics" Hoogervorst said in the parliament.  "There are big question marks about this interference."  Hoogervorst, who was answering a question by one of the parliament members said that the restoration operations are on the same rank as female circumcision and called it a crime.

Hoogervorst will now start a study into how many such operations take place in the Netherlands.  "Although I don't have the impression that it's a wide spread phenomenon" he said.  He also added that such operations will not be reimbursed.

Source: BN DeStem (Dutch)

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