Charleroi: Police stations attacked

Three police stations in the Charleroi region have been attacked by molotov cocktails Wednesday evening.

The third police station was the headquarters in Jumet. The damage is considerable.

Earlier in the evening a station in La Docherie neighborhood in Marchienne-au-Pont and a station in Lodelinsart were attacked with molotov cocktails. In La Docherie the station itself was not seriously hit but a neighboring building where there's a branch of the French Community's child care services suffered heavy damage. In Lodelinsart the damage was minimal.

By 11pm the fire everywhere was under control. The assailant escaped. There were no injured. Chief Commissioner Francine Biot arrived at the scene and the public prosecution was notified.

A crisis-meeting was held this morning at 7am in the Charleroi municipality building of police, fire brigade and the cabinet of mayor Casaert.

On Tuesday evening many molotov cocktails were thrown at a police station in the center of Marchienne-au-Pont. Damage was limited. The attackers managed to escape there as well.

These incident are apparently connected to a shooting that took place Sunday night in Marchienne-au-Pont. Police agents opened fire at a stolen car. The driver, Henaday Numeri (23), was killed and a passenger, Fayssal Hillal (20) was wounded.

No formal connection between the events could be established.

Source: HLN (Dutch), La Libre (French)

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