Austria: HuT threaten minister over burka comments

Austria: HuT threaten minister over burka comments

Of all the people who spoke out against burkas recently, the one who gets threatened is the one who said that she might ban burkas in the future?


A banned radical Islamic organisation has sent a threatening letter to Social Democratic (SPÖ) Women's Minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek after she called for a ban on burkas, according to the Österreich newspaper.

The newspaper reported today (Weds) that the Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation based in Lebanon had sent it a three-page email after Christmas in which it condemned the minister's remarks last week and threatened her using the sentence from the Koran: "And know that Allah is strong in punishment."

The organisation's Vienna spokesman Shaker Assem also called "on Austrian Muslims to cease supporting the SPÖ".

Österreich said it had handed the document to the Federal Crime Office (BK), adding that to date there had been no serious investigation of Islamic fundamentalists in Austria.


Source: Austrian Times (English)

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