Belgium: Turkish suspects aquitted of terrorism

Belgium: Turkish suspects acquitted of terrorism (Islam in Europe)

In a related story, a DHKP-C member was arrested in Germany on suspicion of carrying out firebombings.


The court of appeal in Brussels has acquitted the left-wing organisation DHKP-C of charges of terrorism or criminal acts. However, three of six DHKP-C members have been found guilty of being gang members. The case is ten years old and was complicated by newly introduced Belgian legislation concerning terrorist organisations.


The Brussels judges finally decided that DHKP-C is not a terrorist organisation. This is in stark contrast to Turkey, which put DHKP-C on the list of terrorist organisations in 2007.

Three members of DHKP-C have been found guilty of forming a gang. The best-known member of DHKP-C, Fehriye Erdal, vanished three years ago. The Belgian judicial authorities have 15 days to decide whether they want to launch an appeal and take the case to the Court of Cassation.

Source: De Redactie (English)

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