Norway: Extremist sites

Norway: Extremist sites

Martin Bernsen, spokesperson for the Norwegian security service PST, says that they know of Norwegian sites and chat-rooms disseminating extreme Islamist values.  They've also noticed that more moderate sites, who do not incite to violence, are being used by the more radical forces.

In a report published in December 2008 it says that the PST think that the Internet is getting more and more influential for extreme Islamists in Norway, and that some parts of the extreme Islamist community in Norway are active on such sites.

Bernsen says that the PST has noticed that the Internet is an important channel for extreme Islamists.  The Internet is quick, cheap, effective and has wide reache.  They see an increasing level of stuff available in English and this makes the sites more accessible also for Norwegians.

Asked if there are activities on Norwegian sites or urls which they consider a danger to the state, Bernsen refused to comment.

In an interview with Aftenposten in February of last year, then PST head Jørn Holme said that Norwegian youth are a target for terrorist groups who are actively recruiting members in Norway.

Holme said then that they've gotten report of older, manipulating, extreme islamsits who are trying to motivate youth in Norway to participate in a Jihad attack abroad.  He confirmed that these people were physically operating in Norway, but did not want to comment any further on how or which communities.

The networks behind the Jihad websites are becoming more professional and sophisticated and and are using social media to spread their militant messages, says senior researcher Brynjar Lia of the Defence Research Establishment.  He's researched Islamism since 1990, and has closely followed sites and net-based forums of jihad groups since 2001.

Lia says that they see more and more videos with Jihadi messages put out on YouTube and Facebook.  Such net sites are becoming distribution channels for content which is originally published on lesser known and inaccessible websites.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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