Oslo: Ahmadiyya mosque-guards threatened

Oslo: Ahmadiyya mosque-guards threatened

Five youth were stopped by the police after they threatened the guards at a newly opened mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat community in Furuset (Alna district, Oslo), two nights in a row.

Witnesses say that the youth shouted they would kill the Muslims if they dare come out.  They also aimed green laser-lights at the guards.

Most recently, four young men (17, 17, 18 and 28) were stopped by a dog patrol from the Oslo police district at 9pm Saturday night.

All of them also got a strong warning from the police Friday evening, without apparently committing it to memory.

The youth are originally from Turkey.

Operations leader Vidar Hjulstad told Aftenposten.no that nobody was prosecuted and the four were ordered to stay away from the place.

The community has tried to achieve peaceful coexistence with the neighbors in Furuset.  In preparation for the opening of the mosque, about a month ago the Alna district organized a joint statement in cooperation with the three local Muslim communities: the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, the Afghan mosque and the Muslim Senter Furuset.

The statement says as follows: "Furuset has a good community that we are proud of.  Here live people from all over the world with different faiths and beliefs.  But we agree that everybody has the same right to be here.  We will actively contribute so that everybody can live in peace side by the side in the community, regardless of ethnicity, skin-color, religion or beliefs."

It was signed by Iftikhar Hussain Azhar, general secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, imam Gohlam Gul Mosleh of the Afghan mosque, Abdul Majeed Raja of the Muslim Senter Furuset, and Bjørn Åge Hansen and Erik Kjeldstadli of the Alna district.

Sources: Aftenposten, Oslo (Norwegian)

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