Germany: Kurdish protests against Turkish ban

Germany: Kurdish protests against Turkish ban

A clip from the protest here

Kurds protested against Turkey banning the DTP (Democratic Society Party) Kurdish party in other cities in Germany as well, though German news reports don't seem to bother much with the reason for the protests.


A Kurdish demonstration turned violent Saturday in Stuttgart.  About 500 people demonstrated,  and 250 police agents were called in.

The protest started at 1pm, and an aggressive mood was reported from the beginning.  Banners and flags with banned symbols were displayed, and many demonstrators were masked with kaffiyas.

As the participants started marching, firecrackers were thrown at the police, and the protest was stopped until order was restored and the participants took off their masks.  Later protesters continued throwing stones and firecrackers at the police.  Two police agents were injured.

Several cars and police cars were damaged and after the demonstration fourteen shop windows were smashed.  About 50 people were detained during the demonstration, most were freed after showing ID. 

Source: Stuttgart Journal (German), h/t PI

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