UK: Possible bomb plot foiled

UK: Possible bomb plot foiled

The man and his brother were both sentenced for identity fraud, and were since released and deported to Algeria.


Police have released the footage they found, recorded around the third anniversary of July 7 last year, that showed four key London stations – Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus, Camden Town and Mornington Crescent.

Officers believe he was filming possible sites for an attack to take to senior terrorist controllers in North Africa.

In an hour and a half of footage, the man tried to hide the red light that showed he was filming as he focused on entrances, exits and CCTV cameras, at one point commenting in a lift: "There are cameras there. There are cameras everywhere."

The camera was occasionally tipped on its side, in a similar way to footage taken by the al-Qaeda terrorist Dhiren Barot, which officers believe was a signal to indicate he was filming a potential target.

When they raided the man's flat in Brent, North West London, they discovered radical literature connected to al-Qaeda and a list of shopping centres.

Inquiries subsequently discovered the man had previously lived in Wood Green, North London with Mustapha Labsi, an Algerian deported to France in connection with an alleged plot to attack the G7 summit in Lille in 1994.

He had also been in contact with another suspected terrorist cell and had been a regular visitor to Finsbury Park mosque when the radical preacher Abu Hamza was based there, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

Police believe the man, an illegal immigrant from Algeria in his early forties, had raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund terrorism through credit card fraud.


Source: Telegraph

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