France: Mosque desecrated with graffiti, pig parts

France: Mosque desecrated with graffiti, pig parts

The Mosque of Castres (southern France) has been desecrated in the night from Saturday to Sunday by unknown persons who have tagged on its exterior walls of racist remarks and swastikas.

After passing the gate, the unknown drew swastikas and wrote "Sieg Heil" on the outside walls of the mosque, where they also traced xenophobic inscriptions including "France for the French" and "White Power", said President of the Islamic Association of Castres, Abdelmalek Bouregba.

Pigs' feet were also suspended on the handle of the portal and pig's ears stapled on the door, where sheets of paper were plastered on which were painted French flags, he said, indicating that the authors of the desecration had not penetrated inside the mosque.

Police in Castres went there to conduct records including fingerprints, said Bouregba, addiing he would complain.


Source: Ennahar online (English)

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