Sweden: Auschwitz sign stolen to fund struggle against Islamization

Sweden: Auschwitz sign stolen to fund struggle against Islamization

... By attacking the Swedish Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry and Parliament.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed one of the people in this group. A Nazi leader, he supposedly defected from the Nazi group a while back, but now admits it was a bluff.

"The classic Nazi organizations are outdated. They consist of a collection of unintelligent people who can't achieve anything. I believe more in people who are willing to act, I am more Baader Meinhof-inspired".

"Moreover, Nazi is an outdated term. I don't give a shit about Jews. Today the struggle is not about race, but rather about religion, and the struggle against the Islamization of society". (SE)


The Nazi gang that ordered the theft of the infamous 'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign from the gates of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland planned to sell it to fund violent attacks against the Swedish Prime Minister and Parliament, it was claimed today.

A spokesman for the Swedish security police confirmed that the authorities were taking seriously a threat by a militant Nazi group to disrupt national elections next year.

"We are aware of the information about the alleged attack plans," said Patrik Peter, the security police spokesman.

“We have taken actions. We view this seriously.”


Allegations concerning who ordered the theft, and why, have surfaced today in Swedish newspaper reports after the former leader of a Swedish Nazi group claimed that it had been stolen to order for a collector in England, France or the United States.

"We had a person who was ready to pay millions for the sign," the unnamed source told Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest-selling daily newspaper.

The Nazi source said that the money would pay for an attack on the home of Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish Prime Minister who has held the rotating presidency of the European Union for the last six months, and on the Swedish Foreign Ministry, the paper reported.

A third attack allegedly involved plans to bombard Swedish MPs from the public seats of the parliament.

"The sign was to be delivered to Sweden, since it was here the deal should be made," the source said. "My role was to find a buyer. We had a person who was willing to pay millions but he had no political agenda. These things have a huge collector value... The biggest collectors are from England, the United States and France."


Source: Times Online

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