Sweden: Allah not an acceptable name (UPDATED)

Sweden: Allah not an acceptable name (Islam in Europe)

Updated: According to the blog Politisk Inkorrekt, the baby in question is Muslim.

There are currently 19 women and 35 men named Allah in Sweden, but according to Margareta Lärkfeldt of the Tax Authority they all immigrated to Sweden and therefore can't be banned from having that name. There are no people named God or Jahve (Yahweh), but there are 152 Shiva, 167 Oden, 19 Zeus and 667 Jesus. (SE)


In the latest battle over what people may legally call their children, the Swedish Tax Authority (Skatteverket) has ruled that the parents of a two-month-old boy in Skåne in southern Sweden may not call their child Allah.

According to the decision, Skatteverket does not approve “names that can give offence or be seen to cause discomfort for the bearer”. In this case, Skatteverket was “of the opinion that the name can be seen as objectionable for religious reasons.”

Skatteverket legal expert Lars Tegenfeldt told The Local that devout members of the public might take offense to certain names with highly religious connotations.

“God or Allah or the Devil is offensive to the public. Not me personally, but there are religious people who think so,” he said.

“Some religious names though, like Jesus, are normal,” he added.


Source: The Local (English)

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