78% of Czechs, 70% of Slovaks oppose minarets

78% of Czechs, 70% of Slovaks oppose minarets

Of those who want to ban minarets, a large majority (70% among Czechs, 80% among Slovaks) also want to ban mosques. This is actually a lower correlation than results in previous polls that asked both questions (96% among Belgians, 90% among the French).

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Most people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia would ban a possible construction of minarets, the daily Lidove noviny (LN) reports Wednesday, referring to a poll conducted by the NMS agency simultaneously in both countries.


According to the NMS poll conducted on 424 voters in the Czech Republic and 502 in Slovakia, 78 percent of Czech respondents and 70 percent of Slovaks would vote against minarets in a referendum.

Moreover, 54 percent of Czechs and 56 percent of Slovaks would ban the construction of both minarets and new mosques, Tomas Dvorak, from NMS, told LN.

The poll also shows that Czechs and Slovaks mind new mosques less than minarets. Only one-third of the polled strictly oppose mosques, others do not want them only in "their surroundings."

Nevertheless, Muslims in the Czech Republic are not considering building minarets for the time being, LN writes.

Muneeb Hassan, from the Islamic community, said minarets are rather a pretext. "Those who mind Islam and Muslims are against minarets," he told LN.


Source: Prague Monitor (English), h/t EuropeNews

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