Gothenburg: University Dress Code aimed at Muslims?

Gothenburg: University Dress Code aimed at Muslims?

The introduction of a dress code for students at the University of Gothenburg has raised suspicion that the new policy might be aimed at Muslims. Swedish Radio news reports that lecturers now have the right to demand their students be dressed in a certain way during certain activities.

There are situations in which the face of a student has to be uncovered in order to enable lecturers and the other students to see a person's mimic, explained Pia Götebo Johannesson of the university.

Representatives of the university's Muslim association have criticized the new policy on clothing. Mohammad El-Alti told Swedish Radio news he thinks the policy is aimed at female Muslim nursing students wearing veils. But these women have always followed the demands of the seminars they attended, so a dress code policy is unnecessary, said El-Alti.

Source: SR (English)

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