Chechnya: Those who call for Sharia law and for jihad have never prayed

Chechnya: Those who call for Sharia law and for jihad have never prayed

Besides which, according to Kadyrov, the US is the root of all evil.


Those who call for Sharia law and for jihad have never prayed, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov told RT's Sophie Shevardnadze.


SS: Mr. Kadyrov, it's been a year since the counterterrorist operation in Chechnya ended. What does a peaceful life mean to you? A new airport? A city that has been rebuilt? Or a change in people's attitudes?

RK: Every Chechen dreams of the war being over… that there be no bombs, explosions or military jets flying over their heads… that we could go visit other states, flying from the airport in Grozny… that we could receive guests, foreign athletes, cultural and political representatives. It's a dream for everyone in Chechnya, and even more so – for me.

SS: You have mentioned that the militants in the Caucasus have powerful support from the West. Who are these people?

RK: Well, I don't know the names. But there are states that fight against the sovereign state of the Russian Federation. Those are the Western states that are under American influence and their task is to tear Russia apart. Why? Because they need to have an enemy.

They know that people in the Caucuses believe in God, that we are Muslims, and they think that we are fine with resorting to terrorism. They think that the Chechens took offence with the Soviet Union, that we were made to go to Russia, and initiated the first and the second campaign.

As for Islam, it has nothing to do with it. The fathers of those who talk about stuff like the call of Islam for Shariah law and for jihad have never prayed, and their grandfathers never prayed either. They've always betrayed Islam together with our customs and traditions.

Take Umarov – he's been a criminal his entire life. Maskhadov served in the army his entire life, he never prayed and then he came here and started calling for jihad. The same about Dudaev!

SS: Do the Chechen terrorists have a link with Al Qaeda?

RK: Who founded Al Qaeda? The United States. The United States gave birth to it. America promised to give them Iraq or Afghanistan, but did not live up to its promise. That's when Bin Laden started acting against them. They sent the remaining forces to the Caucuses. That's where Al Qaeda originates from. Naturally, they represent Al Qaeda. If they were not, they would mention our people in their addresses. But they never do so. Umarov once said that Chechen people are his enemies. What is he expecting, if he declared our people his enemies? Al Qaeda has its own ideas. These are people who were offended. They fought for America – America gave birth to them, but did not fulfill its promise. That's it. That's the root cause.


SS: Terrorism is a global problem, not just in the Caucasus. The whole world is trying to fight it. Do you have a plan on how to root out terror?

RK: We've been keeping up dialogue with them for a long time now. We wanted to get back the people using TV, radio and other mass media. We managed to get back 78 people. In May 2009 we stopped doing so. But they took advantage of the situation. We got back 78 people, while they recruited another 56 people. Half of them were ill, mentally or physically, like blind people – in a word, disabled people. In addition, they turned them into suicide bombers.

They made the disabled die, exploding themselves, and go to hell. We announced then that starting from that day we would stop holding negotiations. I will not keep up dialogue any more. There is blood, where they are – that's what the prophet said. And we carry out cruel steps to fight them.

SS: OK. Now let's return to peaceful life. The Western audience is very much interested in one question. You support polygamy, don't you?

RK: Yes.

SS: Does Moscow show understanding regarding this question?

RK: I do not ask them about it, as we are not pushing through a law on multiple marriages. That's a tradition we've always had. God allows Muslims to do so. We've always had multiple marriages in our history. And I am all for it.

And there is another question here: is it better to have 20 lovers, rather than 4 lawful wives? And they know where their husband is today, where he is tomorrow and where he is the day after tomorrow. But if he has 12 or 20 lovers, nobody knows where he is, and he lies to each of them saying he is at work and stuff. That's promiscuous behavior, but everyone is fine with that, while having another lawful wife is a crime. If women are sold everywhere, and in our state as well – I mean official and unofficial brothels. And people are fine with that! Ask any father – is it OK if your daughter is sold for $50? What would he say to that?


source: RT (English)

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