Marseille: Girl awarded 2,000 euro for hymen injury

Marseille: Girl awarded 2,000 euro for hymen injury

On December 7th, 2006, a 7 year old girl was pushed by a classmate in the restroom in a school north of Marseille. She fell down to the floor thereby leading to the tearing of her hymen. A 'commonplace' accident, and of little consequence, except if you're Muslim.

This was the argument put forward by the girl's family, who claimed 10,000 euros for moral and physical damage from the insurance of the school-girl responsible for the fall. The court, and later the appeals court in Aix-en-Provence judged that a certain and direct casual link between the hymen's rupture and the inability to stay in compliance with religious beliefs was not established.

They did however grant her compensation of 2,000 euro since the tearing of the hymen not only indisputably caused physical pain, but the girl also lost the opportunity to approach her first intimate relationship under the same conditions she could claim had the accident not occurred.

Source: La Provence (French), h/t le blog laiciste

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