Dubai: Briton arrested for sex with fiance

Dubai: Briton arrested for sex with fiance

A woman from London who went to police in Dubai to report she had been raped was then arrested for having sex with her fiance, it has been reported.

The 23-year-old said she was assaulted by a waiter in a hotel toilet after celebrating her engagement to her 44-year-old boyfriend, according to The Sun.

But when she reported the alleged rape to police in the Middle Eastern state, she and her boyfriend were held for having sex outside marriage and illegal drinking outside licensed premises, the paper said.

It is understood the couple have been bailed but are still in Dubai.

A cellmate of the woman told The Sun: "She's a British girl but a Muslim, so I think they were tougher on her because of that.

"She was trying to report the rape but soon realised the policemen were more interested in how often she has sex with her boyfriend."


Source: Press Association (English)

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