Denmark: Westergaard attacked worked for Red Cross

Denmark: Westergaard attacked worked for Red Cross

The 28 year old Somali who is suspected of the attempted murder of caricaturist Kurt Westergaard, worked at a Danish Red Cross center.

Up to the day before the 28 year old Somali MMG went to Aarhus to attack caricaturist Kurt Westergaard he was on watch on a Danish Red Cross center, where he dealt with young unaccompanied immigrants.

The Danish Red Cross confirmed to Jyllands-Posten that MMG was working through a temp employment agency at three Danish Red Cross centers for children and youth.

These are the centers in Gribskov, Sjælsmark and Avnstrup, which house children and youth aged 15-17 who typically come to Denmark as unaccompanied refugees. The Somali worked in keeping the children and youth occupied with the various activities in the centers.

The head of the Danish Red Cross Asylum division, Jørgen Chemnitz, discovered Thursday that the Somali had been employed in the organization.

He says that the Red Cross made sure by the Mano Crew employment agency that he had no criminal record or any problems with a former sexual offense, so he could work with children.

Jørgen Chemnitz says they think they've guarded themselves by requesting the two certificates, and that nobody among the regular staff who had worked with the Somali has anything bad to say against him. Everybody describes him as helpful, friendly and accommodating. They've never seen anything which would indicate that the man did anything against the children and youth in the center. Additionally, they have a principle that a temporary worker can't work along with the children.

According to the Mano Crew agency, the 28 year old Somali worked 600 hours altogether, but they did not say how many of those were for the Red Cross.

Source: JP (Danish)

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