Malmö: Muslim antisemitism

Malmö: Muslim antisemitism

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One day two classmates came up to Jacob. One called him a 'f*cking Jew'. The other said that he'll be halal slaughtered.

Jacob is in his teens and looks a little shy. He talks about that day last year. The day he was threatened due to his origins.

"And and several friends were coming into school. A boy came over and said that I would be halal slaughtered."

Jacob says the threat came without warning.

"It sounded strange and I tried not to worry."

Somewhat later the boy came back with a friends. The friend told Jacob he was a f*cking Jew and shouldn't talk crap.

He said that we said 'f*cking Muslims', but that was completely made up. Then he called out loudly 'Jew' several time when I went away.

When Jacob came home he told his mother about it. He took it up with a teacher and reported it to the police.

Jacob's mother says the teacher dealt with it immediately , and that was very good.

The school Jacob goes to is quite small. When something happens, it usually comes up. But she has more children and is concerned about the threats in school.

"You never know when it gets serious. It has taken physical expression before."

Jacob says he wasn't so scared of getting beaten up.

"Not in that situation. They were many people around us. But I felt insulted. It's wrong to pick on someone because of ethnicity."

Jacob knows he's forced to take a position in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Also from the teacher's direction. When the conflict is discussed, for example during social studies class, Jacob gets to defend Israel.

"It doesn't feel right at all."

His mother agrees.

"We aren't Israelis, but the link is there all the time. The surroundings think indirectly that we have a responsibility."

In recent years she's also been subjected to it.

One evening she went into a shop on Rönneholmsvägen. Suddenly a car came around, the windows were rolled down and a man shouted f*cking Jews. Another time two young boys cycled by her on the sidewalk and shouted 'Zionist murderers".

The mother thinks that threats often comes from young men with roots in the Middle East.

"I don't believe that it escaped anybody's attention, politician and police, that there's a problem."

She thinks that information can reduce aggression against Jews.

"I have met Muslims who had negative views of Jews, but who also see common traits, such as the exercise of faith."

"But there are also those who have the hatred against Jews from their homelands. All Jews are the same."

Source: Skånskan h/t Jihad i Malmö

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