Sweden: Fadime Sahindal's brother sentenced for threats against author

Sweden: Fadime Sahindal's brother sentenced for threats against author

Eight years to the day after Fadime Sahindal was murdered by her father, her 30-year old brother was sentenced to two years in prison by the Solna district court.

The 30 year old was sentenced for attempted aggravated extortion and attempted aggravated unlawful coercion against a write who wrote about honor related violence and who interviewed Fadime Sahindal's father.  According to the summons application, the brother threatened the author by aiming a gun at his head.

Prosecutor Leif Appelgren told DN.se that the seriousness of this matter is that threats and deadly violence were used which had major consequences for the plaintiff.  Besides which, it's a crime, in addition to the suffering it causes, and threatens other values and freedom of speech in particular.

The brother tried to extort by threats 100,000 kroner as well as the address of the main witness in the trail of the honor murder of Pela Atroshi.  This witness has been living since then with grave threats against them with a secret identity.  The brother told the author that he's looking for the witness' address on behalf of other people, which, according to the prosecutor, was a way to convey threats of a forthcoming attack against the witness with a view of provoking by them extreme fear.

Leif Appelgren says he thinks that the perpetrator had to assume this threat would be conveyed.

This charge was dismissed by the court as there was no clear evidence that the perpetrator intended that the information would get to the main witness.

The brother was sentenced also for aggravated weapon offenses, drunk driving, drug offense and crimes against the law of flammable and explosive objects.  He had several revolvers, a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition for this weapon, all without a permit.  He also had explosives: detonators, plastic explosives and fuses.

Prosecutor Leif Appelgren did not want to comment on the sentence before it is written and did not want to comment on whether he would appeal before he saw the decision.

Fadime Sahindal's brother was convicted in the past for assault against Fadime.

Source: DN (Swedish)

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