France: 57% support burka banning law

France: 57% support burka banning law

An unscientific internet poll by French Muslim site conducted several months ago showed 86% of French Muslims oppose such a law.


A question in an Ipsos-Le Point political survey shows that 57% of the French support a law banning the wearing burkas in France and 37% oppose it. 30% strongly support such a law, 27% somewhat support it, 22% somewhat oppose it, and 15% absolutely oppose it.

The balance of power is clear, even if the opinions are not very decisive.

Following the official position of the parties, supporters of the UMP have a majority favoring such a law (69% support, 29% oppose), while supporters of the Socialists, more divided, have a majority opposing it (42% support, 52% oppose). Left Party supporters are even more divided (46% support, 48% oppose).

Support is particularly strong among Front National supporters (74% support of which 58% 'strongly' support, 25% oppose), but is also strong among Democratic Movement supporters (75% support, 23% oppose)

While opinions diverge based on partisanship, there are no significant gender based differences.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos Jan. 15-16 in a representative sample of 960 people 18+

Source: Ipsos (French)

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