Oslo: Iranian consul quits in protest

Oslo: Iranian consul quits in protest

Mohammad Reza Heydari, a consul at the Iranian embassy in Oslo, told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that he's quitting in protest of his country's violence against protesters.  Iran denies the report and says that he's finished his stint a month ago.  Whether he did or not, it would be quite difficult for him to go back now.

An Iranian diplomat says he has quit as consul at the country's embassy in Norway to protest Tehran's crackdown against demonstrators.

The unnamed diplomat told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK Wednesday he stepped down to register disagreement with his government's use of violence and arrests against anti-government demonstrators last month.

The Iranian diplomat is reportedly still in Oslo and has yet to contact Norwegian authorities, although he said he is considering asking them for help.

"It was the Iranian authorities' treatment of demonstrators around Christmas which made me realize that my conscience would not allow me to continue in my job," he told NRK.


Source: UPI (English)

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