Finland: Honor-related violence against Finnish women

Finland: Honor-related violence against Finnish women

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More and more Finns confront honor-related violence in their lives.

Among immigrants honor violence has occurred in Finland for many years.

Finns, like immigrants, are applying for assistance in honor related violence, in places like multi-cultural centers for women, because the Finnish authorities did not recognize the honor violence and do not understand how serious may be the case.

A Finnish woman told of her experiences in YLE's TV2 Ajankohtainen Kakkonen program this week.

A woman encountered honor related violence from a religious man of foreign background.

She said that her marriage was hell, but no one believed her.

- I am afraid of my husband, his brother and the whole family. I have received threats of child abduction and the man has repeatedly threatened to kill me. The man has said that none of them can do nothing - that the horrors will happen, that he doesn't have to do it himself

- the avenger can be found from his own tribe, the woman says.

A man who believes in honor violence and his entire family think that a woman's chastity is in a man's control.

The woman is the man's property and thus can assault the woman however he pleases, if the woman refuses to obey the rules.

Honor violence has been increasing in recent years in Finland, when unmarried young women immigrants from a foreign culture struggle under the pressure.

They may be forced to marry and be prohibited from socializing with Finns.


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