Paris: The Coordination des Sans Papiers 75

Paris: The Coordination des Sans Papiers 75.

About one hundred people occupied the Basilica of Saint Clotilde in Paris last Wednesday to demand regularization of illegal immigrants. The demonstration, organized by the 9th Collectif des sans-papiers, was peaceful, and the protesters were evicated without any notable incident, by evening. Bahija Benkouka of the 9th CSP says that they tried to leave peacefully.

An orange banner outside the church said "Stop the raids. Close the detention centers. Regularization is a right."

A white poster said "Jesus defended the stranger. Christian wake up!" alluding to the Pope's Christmas message where he called for "an attitude of acceptance and welcome" towards all those who "migrate from their homelands and are driven away by hunger, intolerance or environmental degradation." (FR)


Besides praying (99% of the collective is Muslim), there is little routine in the lives of the members except for the constant fear of being deported and the permanent desire to attain working papers.

A strict rule of law exists within the cooperative and is followed without exception. No alcohol is allowed inside, no one under the influence may enter, and after 1 a.m. the doors to the factory shut. There are security guards working around the clock, and everyone is responsible for cleaning their rooms, the collective bathrooms and the common areas.

Men and women cannot sleep in the same room, even if they're married, and children must go to school.


Source: Daily Telegraph, h/t Islamization Watch

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