Copenhagen: 75% of schools allow students time off on Eid

Copenhagen: 75% of schools allow students time off on Eid

Muslim holidays are celebrated in many Danish public schools just like Danish holidays like Christmas and Easter. A study by the Copenhagen Municipality shows that 75% give kids vacation on the Muslim holidays of Eid and al-Fitr. More precisely, 44 public schools, 6 special-ed schools and five secondary schools in Copenhagen let Muslims students take days off during religious holidays.

Edvin Steen Jensen, principal of the Ellebjerg school in Copenhagen says that they allow students to take the days off if they ask for it. There are 62.5% bilingual students in the school, including Muslims, Hindus and anything else you can think of.

B.T.'s poll of public schools in Aarhus, Vejle and Odense shows it's common there too.

The Danish People's Party wants to propose a law to ban special consideration for religious minorities in public schools.

Peter Skaarup, who wants to bring the issue up with both the integration and education ministers, says it's shocking that so many schools give time off on other religious holidays, especially since many bilingual students have trouble at school, and need more classes instead of more vacation.

Anne Vang (S), the children and youth alderman in Copenhagen doesn't see a problem with it. Vang told B.T. that Copenhagen schools teach what they need to, and the vacations are based on the regular vacations and holidays, but the principals can give students time off on special days (such as post-confirmation, or at the end of Ramadan), if the parents ask for it. She's certain that the principals know where it's necessary, and she's not going to dictate it for them.

Source: BT (Danish), h/t Hodja

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