Odense: Danes persecuted in Vollsmose

Odense: Danes persecuted in Vollsmose

Ra Ranunkel, chairman of the cooperation council in Vollsmose, sounds the alarm and warns of an ethnic conflict in the crime-ridden district of Odense.

"It started to get violent about a month ago," says the chairman, who for years has defended Vollsmose's reputation.

"I always said that I'm proud to live in Vollsmose. I'm starting to get tired of it now. More and more of my neighbors come and say they're being attacked and robbed of their money. Or that their car was burned down. And all ask: 'Ra, can't you do anything?'. I have to admit, I feel powerless."

Ra Ranunkel says that there's a hardcore gang of Somalis who commit attacks that are deliberately directed at Danes. And it's primarily the Palestinians who burn the Danes' cars and control Bøgetorvet (Bøge square).

He thinks that the attacks are directed at Danes as a response to 'the Danish group of DPP-ers and racists' that in the past 5-6 years have been loudly voicing their views.

"You noticed that something was brewing, and now the Somalis and Palestinians are striking again."

An ethnic conflict, a racial conflict, is breaking out, and it's scary, says Ra Ranunkel, who before today's conference on Vollsmose's problems also sharply criticizes the Odense municipality's preventing efforts against youth gang-crime, which he calls 'totally ridiculous'. Fire them all and start from the beginning, he says.

Source: Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish)

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