Germany: 'Learn German,' Turkish minister tells Germany's Turks

Germany: 'Learn German,' Turkish minister tells Germany's Turks

Sounds great, except for the fact that it's obvious that immigrants should learn the language and conventions of their new country. Turkey makes it quite clear here that it wants its expats to act as representatives of Turkey. So why shouldn't Germans do the same?

Via Hurriyet Daily News:

Turkish state minister and chief EU negotiator Tuesday called on the 2.5 million Turks in Germany to learn the language and integrate into society, in a bid to calm an increasingly fiery immigration debate in the country.

"I ask all my Turkish compatriots and all Germans of Turkish origin: Learn German. Adapt to the customs and conventions of your adopted country," Egemen Bağış told Bild, Europe's most widely-read newspaper.

"You should not give up the gift of your identity and your culture, but you should consider yourselves ambassadors for Turkey. Only in this way can you build bridges for a better friendship and partnership between our countries."