Sweden: New party to protect immigrant interests

Sweden: New party to protect immigrant interests

The new party is called Svartskalledemokraterna (Svartskalle Democrats, Svartskalle is a derogatory word for non-Western immigrants), which might be the reason why it took a bit of digging to find it.

Via Spiegel:
Following the success in September elections of a far-right populist party in the country, a Swedish immigrant has formed a party working to protect immigrants' interests. The new party is being founded amidst a wave of violent crime against foreigners in the southern city of Malmö last week.

The new party, which says it has gathered a thousand members over just a few days, sees itself as a group of immigrants working to protect foreigners' interests. They also seek to protest the sudden rise of the populist Sweden Democrats.


The right-wing swing within parliament sent a "clear warning signal," said party founder Tarek Alkhatib, a doctor who heads a clinic in Stockholm. "We have to defend ourselves through greater political activity," he said.

Many immigrants did not feel adequately protected by the established parties, he added.

His message was underscored by a series of sinister shootings targeting immigrants in the southwestern city of Malmö. Last Tuesday, a 28-year-old immigrant was severely injured when he was shot in the back while waiting for a bus.