Gothenburg: Arrests in bombing plot

Gothenburg: Arrests in bombing plot

Police are tight-lipped on the story, only saying that two people were remanded in custody and that the rest were released. Police are still on alert.

According to the Swedish media, the suspects, all men, were arrested in the Angered suburb (SE) of Gothenburg. Aftenposten says that the target might have been the Nordstan shopping mall (SE), or somewhere between the Lilla Bommen marina and the Götaplatsen Square.

My guess: this is connected to the trial of two Somalis who are suspected of going to Somalia to commit terror attacks. The trial began in Gothenburg this past Thursday.

Via The Local:

Several people were arrested by Swedish police on Saturday in connection with a bomb threat in Gothenburg on the west coast.

"Police arrested several people suspected of involvement in a bomb alert in Gothenburg," police said in a statement.

Suspects were being questioned on suspicion of preparing a "terrorist crime," police said, but were unable to give any details of any concrete threat.

"The threat against central Gothenburg has not been warded off with today's arrests. We stand by what we said initially, which is that a bomb is to be detonated somewhere in central Gothenburg on Saturday," said police spokesperson Björn Blixter.