Gothenburg: Terrorist arrests related to Mohammed cartoons? (UPDATED)

Gothenburg: Terrorist arrests related to Mohammed cartoons?

Police in Gothenburg arrested four men Saturday, who supposedly planned to detonate a bomb in the city that day. The men are all Syrian family-members (SE): Two brothers (28 and 33 years old), their cousin (39) and their uncle (48). All four are married with children, and had come to Sweden about 20 years ago. The two brothers are highly educated, the other two run their own service company. On Fridays they all go together to the Gårdsten mosque.

Two were remanded in custody, the other two were released.

Aftonbladet reports that the men were asked about the Mohammed cartoons, about their connections to Syria, and what they did last Monday (October 25th).


Police responded after somebody told them he heard two people discuss blowing up a truck (NO) full of explosives in the Nordstan shopping center, Sweden's largest. The police had no other indications of a terror attack being planned but took the threat very seriously.