France: Brigitte Bardot to run for president

France: Brigitte Bardot to run for president

Via Telegraph:

Miss Bardot, once a screen icon now an animal rights campaigner, said she had been asked by the Ecology Alliance party to run for president in 2012.

The party campaigns for animal rights and against the ritual slaughter of livestock by Muslims for halal meat.

The 76-year old former star of And God Created Woman, who retired from acting in the 1970s, wants a law introduced ensuring animals are stunned before their throats are slit in keeping with Islamic teaching.

In a letter to Mr Sarkozy, she told the president that "someone's voice is needed to defend animals as neither the Right nor the Left give a damn!".

"Sarkozy took me for an imbecile by making promises he didn't keep," she added in a separate interview with the AP news agency.

Nothing in Islamic teaching forbids animals being stunned before slaughter, she said.


Miss Bardot has often been in the spotlight for her controversial views on immigration and homosexuality, receiving multiple convictions for racist and anti-gay remarks.