Denmark: Gov't to monitor welfare fraud in Turkey, Spain

Denmark: Gov't to monitor welfare fraud in Turkey, Spain

Minister Inger Støjberg

The Danish government intends to hire 'agents' in Spain and Turkey to monitor if there's fraud in Danish welfare in those countries.

The proposal is part of the efforts against welfare fraud currently being worked out by the government and Danish People's Party.

The laws today allow people to get various benefits even if they don't live in Denmark. This includes early retirement and pension, which is given out to many people who live abroad.

The agents will ensure that those who get benefits from Denmark also meet the requirements for it. For example, housing and property ownership can affect benefit rights.

Employment Minister Inger Støjberg (V) says: We can't and will not accept abuse of social benefits. It is deeply anti-social, and contributes to weakening the cohesion of our welfare society. Therefore it's important that efforts against welfare fraud are as fine-meshed and effective as possible.

In addition to supervisors in Turkey and Spain, the government proposes more intensive surveillance of airports and border crossings, and that municipal supervision will be included in the municipal audit.

Source: BT (Danish)

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