Copenhagen: Kurds celebrate after court rules for ROJ TV

Copenhagen: Kurds celebrate after court rules for ROJ TV

Upon hearing the court's decision, the Kurdish protesters broke out dancing, shouting "Long live Denmark!".

Via Politiken:

The Copenhagen Municipal Court has ruled against police freezing DKK 327,000 in funds accrued by the Kurdish ROJ-TV television station, in a ruling that was immediately appealed.

The funds, which were in 10 accounts, were frozen in order to cover court costs and any eventual fines levied against the station whe its case comes to court. Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen claims that freezing the funds has no effect on the day-to-day running of the station.

While Defence Attorney Bjørn Elmquist accepted that the station continues to broadcast, he maintained that the move was an attempt to stop the station running – something he said contravened freedom of speech stipulations in §10 of the European Human Rights Convention.

A large number of Kurdish supporters were outside the Municipal Court building demonstrating in favour of ROJ-TV.