Malmö: Ex-gang members hunting gunman

Malmö: Ex-gang members hunting gunman

Via the Local:
Ex-members of criminal gangs in Malmö in southern Sweden have taken up the hunt for an unknown gunman thought to be responsible for nearly 20 shootings targeting people with immigrant backgrounds.

According to the local Sydsvenskan newspaper, the former leader of one of the town’s largest criminal networks is among a group of “old friends who have stuck together” and who are now actively looking for the gunman which has left Malmö’s immigrant community gripped with fear.

“He had better hope that we don’t find him first,” a man who referred to himself as “Leo” told the newspaper during an interview in his apartment in the city’s Rosengård neighbourhood.


Asked if they're armed (SE) when they're on patrol, Leo answered: I can't answer that, but you can think for yourself. He's armed and is shooting at people. What should we do, we can't just try to speak with him.