Denmark: Hizb ut-Tahrir calls for armed struggle

Denmark: Hizb ut-Tahrir calls for armed struggle

Hizb ut-Tahrir, the controversial Islamic organization, is calling for armed resistance in a debate the organization's holding about the war in Afghanistan, reports DR Nyheder. The debate is to be held January 21st in Copenhagen.

The invitation to the debate shows pictures of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian caskets on a map of Afghanistan.

The invitation says as follows:
The debate will also focus on the obligation of the Muslims in Afghanistan and the area for armed resistance. We consider this resistance to be totally legitimate. In this context, the authorities' attempts to criminalize or intimidate any war-opponent will also be highlighted.

We all have a responsibility! Islamically its unacceptable to be passive and it's not enough to just be against the war on a moral level.

The organization's spokesperson in Scandinavia, Sherif Redji, rejects the notion that they've crossed the line: "If anybody should be blamed for the Danish soldiers who die in vain in this battle, it's the Danish politicians who have cynically chosen to send them out on a mission which only serves the American strategic interests in the region."

The organization is banned in various countries and Martin Henriksen (Danish People's Party) says it's now time to do the same in Denmark. Karen Hækkerup (Social Democrats) agrees and says it's objectionable that people who live in Denmark are organizing a meeting to talk about armed struggle and show pictures of dead Danish soldiers. "But as long as it's not a not a banned organization, you need to respect that it's an association that is allowed to exist."

Source: BT (Danish)