French Archbishop: 'We'll have a Muslim majority in 20, 30 years'

French Archbishop: 'We'll have a Muslim majority in 20, 30 years'

About a month ago the parish priest of a church in Avignon complained of continuing vandalism against his church by a gang of Muslim children, led by a twelve year old. (see Winds of Jihad's report).

Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon told Christian magazine Famille Chr├ętienne (h/t Le Salon Beige) that he has met similar youth. "My pectoral cross is sometimes mocked by French youth of Maghrebian origin. When I tell them it was given to me by Pope Benedict XVI, they respond: 'Who's that?' "

"We're at a turning point in the religious history of our country. 'Gallic' families, traditionally Christian, have on average two children. Muslims families living in France, have most often four, five six children. From this, we can see that France will have a Muslim majority in twenty, thirty years."

"I have spent fifteen years in Muslim lands. I am prepared to live in a France with a Muslim majority. I simply wonder about the conditions in which we'll live together."

To fight against the racism that 'builds walls between our communities' and to develop dialogue, Archbishop Cattenoz wants to create an association with representatives of all religions, which will provide words of peace when such situations arise.