Stockholm: Extremists recruiting for Jihad in city's Grand Mosque (UPDATE: 'Islamists', not 'Muslims')

Stockholm: Extremists recruiting for Jihad in city's Grand Mosque

Daniel Arrospide, a local politician for the Green Party in Stockholm, infiltrated the city's grand mosque (the Södermalm mosque) for half a year. There he met a group of about ten people who recruited Swedish Muslims to holy war. (See his article below)

"There are extreme groups in that mosque who recruit people for terror attacks," Arrospide told Norwegian TV 2 Nyhetene (NO). [Update: Interview video sub-titled by Vlad Tepes]

Q: For al-Qaeda?

A: Yes

Arrospide says that the imam knew that there are people in the community who belong to extreme groups. There were attempts to recruit people without work or employment and with poor prospects for the future to extreme actions.

"If the person is single, they pay him a little money. If he has a family, they promise him a lot of money to the family in case he chooses to die in the name of Allah."

Q: Was there a lot of talk of Jihad in the mosque?

A: Yes, there was a lot of talk about Jihad in the mosque

Q: What did they say about Jihad?

A: That you should continue the war against the impure and infidels.

Q: Against Swedes?

A: Against Swedes, yes

Saturday's suicide bomber didn't surprise Daniel Arrospide.

"I had the feeling that something would happen. I had the feeling that there will be a bomb sooner or later in Stockholm. We wouldn't avoid it, so to speak."

Q: Do you think there will be more terror attacks in Sweden?

A: For sure

Q: Do you think there are sleeping terror-cells in Stockholm today?

A: Yes, definitely. The ten people who were in the mosque have a lot of free reign to do what they want in Sweden.

Q: And they're able to commit terror attacks?

A: Yes, they can do a lot of much worse things

Q: Like?

A: Blow up a nuclear power plant

Daniel Arrospide's article (SE):

What I saw at the mosque at the Medborgarplatsen scares me

It is with great sadness that I write this article. Now, when Sweden has become the target for its first terrorist attack, is the time for politicians to know the consequences of not addressing integration policy.

For half a year I infiltrated the mosque at Medborgarplatsen-Stockholm, and what I found there really scared me. The government's and parliament's unwillingness to rehabilitate the Million Programme [ed: low-cost housing projects]has led to militant Muslims having a recruiting base in Sweden. It's very easy for them to recruit somebody who is unemployed, doesn't know the language and lives in a poor neighborhood. They promise to give them a lot of family to their family if they die in the name of Allah.

The statement from the Imam and the Swedish Islamic Association is just a game for the gallery. They have completely lost control over the 'communities' in Sweden. The fact is that people from the al-Qaeda terrorist network are recruiting Swedish Muslims of all ages on an on-going basis for the holy war of Jihad.

The imam knows precisely who they are and could have easily contacted SÄPO, but chose not to do this. I could never understand why, despite my attempt to find out. I'm not claiming that he indirectly supported this, but sometimes I wondered..

I had went to the mosque for almost six months, and there I had contact with somebody who called himself "Samir". I don't know if that was his real name. In any case he started speaking Arabic with me, but I told him that my Arabic wasn't so good. He asked me why and I told him that my parent's wanted to be Swedish and therefore didn't teach me Arabic. I asked 'Samir' where he lived, and was told Rinkeby. We continued talking about the USA, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I got the impression that he wanted to do something about it. After a while he asked me if I wanted to be 'active', in that case I could come home with him to Rinkeby and talk with somebody who would go down. They will pay you very well. I said no and then he stopped talking to me. He threatened to kill me if I went to the police and talked. I stopped going to the mosque after the conversation I had with 'Samir'.

How do you get to the people who recruit Swedish Muslims, the question arises.. here are some suggestion that may seem extreme, but the current situation requires such action.

The government must budget for the rehabilitation of the Million Programme. The discontent among those who live there is very great. It's not very long before we'll see rebellion and riots in the Million Programme neighborhoods.

A new integration policy must be established where the focus is on getting the immigrants to the job market within a year's time maximum. The current practice where it takes 5-10 years before you get a job is a catastrophe.

SÄPO must go into mosques around the country, but also in the Million Programme neighborhoods. There are many undocumented immigrants hiding there. there is no other way to get to the people who are recruiting. There are many undocumented immigrants who get help from the mosque to hide. These are also the people that militant Muslims can most easily recruit.

SÄPO must learn from it's American counterpart, the FBI, and recruit more people who can speak Arabic and can infiltrate more Islamic communities around the country. Take the imams from the various 'communities' to interrogation because they know more than what they're saying.

SÄPO must intensify the mapping of the Islamists who live in the Million Programme neighborhoods. Sweden has a religious problem, and as long as the imams don't cooperate with SÄPO, this is a solution which can be carried out.

The Islamists in Sweden are destroying everything for us other immigrants who actually behave, get educated, have a job and want to make a future for ourselves. Now I've had enough! It's time for SÄPO and the police to take the necessary measure to combat the problem. The police has the Nazis reasonably in check and it's time they notice Islamism in Sweden. It could become a serious a problem as Nazism was.

Update: The last paragraph originally said (SE) that "Muslims in Sweden are destroying everything.. it's time they notice Islam and its followers in Sweden". Freelance journalist Aksel Sundström did not like the wording of that last paragraph and contacted the Newsmill site where it was published. Newsmill spoke with Daniel Arrospide Alata, who agreed to change the wording from "Muslims"/"Islam" to "Islamists". My translation came after this change.