Russia: Nationalist riots spread fear among Muslims

Russia: Nationalist riots spread fear among Muslims

Via AFP:

Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at Moscow's central mosque on Friday said they were afraid and angry at a nationalist riot last week that saw hundreds make fascist salutes beside the Kremlin walls.

The chief imam at the mosque said that fewer people than usual had attended prayers, blaming fears after the violent riot, triggered by the shooting of a football fan in a fight with men from the Russian Caucasus.


Usually, thousands of worshippers roll out prayer rugs on the pavement outside the cramped mosque. But this Friday, all the worshippers stayed within the gates.

"Because of this situation, on the ordinary days this week there have been fewer people," imam Ildar Khazrat Alyautdinov told AFP. "Every day we can see there are noticeably fewer people.

"Of course there are fears over safety," said Alyautdinov. "There are fears for their lives, of course people are afraid."

He said he warned parishioners not to travel alone or go out at night.