Scandinavia: Muslim response to bombing attack

Scandinavia: Muslim response to bombing attack

(Muslim demonstration in Gothenburg)


Sheik Hassan Mussa, imam of the Södermalm mosque in Stockholm, deplored "all forms of attacks, violence, fears and threats against innocent people, whatever the motive or pretext." The security and stability of Sweden are a religious and social duty, he added.

Jir Barzangi, speaking for his father, the imam of the Sabirin mosque in Eskilstuna who's currently away, said that is father strongly condemns this act (SE), everywhere. Against any man who conducts war against civilians. He says this theme is often repeated in the Friday sermons at the mosque.

Leif Abd al Haqq Kielan, Chairman for the Swedish Islamic Association and also an imam at the Sabirin mosque: "The bombing was very shocking news, and yet it could have been worse. Murder, suicide and terrorism are banned in the Koran, by the Prophet Muhammad, by anybody involved in the formation of Islam." He thinks the bomber was a lone madman who wasn't part of a terrorist network. He says the phenomenon started in certain circles in the past 50 years and is used by groups who want to cause instability.

"It looks like that young perpetrator acted alone (NL). Naturally there are people who share his opinion, but his acts hurt us Muslims first. They lead to a wrong image of what Islam stands for, namely that it's a civilized religion, not one of barbarism. A suicide attack is expressly forbidden in our religion."

Ali Mustafa, imam of the Muslim Association in Nyköping: "We speak a lot about what happened. This is a act that hurts us".

The Swedish association of Muslims for peace and justice organized several peace rallies across the country. Anwahr Athahb, secretary of the association: "We want to show our position."

Mahmoud Khalfi, board member of the Stockholm mosque and spokesperson for the Islamic Association in Sweden says he was shocked when he heard of the attack. "What has happened is wrong and insane (NO). We hadn't though it could happen in Sweden. It harms Islam". He fears it will incite racism and cause Islam to be associated with terrorism and violence.


The Islamic Council of Norway said such attacks conflict with Islam (NO) and can never be accepted: "We urge all Norwegian Muslims to be alert in order to prevent something similar from happening in Norway, which would cause incalculable damage to us all. We also urge all responsible people not to use this terrible incident to incite feelings against Muslims, in Norway or other countries. Muslims shouldn't be held accountable collectively for act committed by one crazy person."

Tina Shagufta Kornmo, of the liberal Muslim LIM network: "This is a despicable act which can never be justified. It's both sad and absurd that a country like Sweden is subjected to such terror attacks. In recent years Sweden has taken in many thousands of refugees from Muslim countries, including Iraq, and treats them with care and respect. The hate that the perpetrator had against Sweden shows how brainwashed extremists are by anti-Western propaganda."

Muslim politician Abid Q. Raja said he fears that the attack could inspire radical Muslims (NO) in Norway. "What's scary is that this is a citizen that got radicalized opinions only in the past few years. It's the same trend we've seen in France and England. And there is no reason why it can't happen in Norway." He adds, "From being a completely harmless Muslim on the street in Sweden, something happend to this 28 year old, before he got to the stage where he was ready to blow himself up. The first generation immigrants who come to Norway in the 1970s are completely harmless. We must have the courage to see that today's youth aren't like their parents."


Joint Council of Danish Muslims: "Such an action arouses disgust and revulsion (DA) at the Joint Muslim Council. Actions of this type testify to a sickening cynicism and callousness. Nothing can excuse something like this. Any act of this nature is and will always remain in conflict with Islam and can in no way be justified."

Muslim politician Naser Khader (Conservatives) says he's afraid that right-wing extremists will exploit fears (DA) after the attack. "It's important not to let such an act lead to a witch-hunt against all Muslims. You should be afraid that such a terrorist act could advance a party like the Sweden Democrats etc. It's it's something that causes fear. And there will be people, organizations or parties, who will exploit this fear. You could fear that it will be exploited by people who have a lot of extreme right-wing views."

Naser Khader also urged Islam's spiritual leaders to condemn suicide bombers. "It's important that they are just as loud as when somebody makes a ridiculous cartoon of the prophet." Suicide is forbidden in Islam, but the suicide bombers believe that their actions are proper and will bring them to paradise, because they're dying in battle for religion, family and nation, he says.


Via YLE:

Imam Anas Hajjar of The Islamic Society of Finland says Muslims living in Finland are shocked by the attack in Sweden. He stresses that such actions had nothing in common with the Islamic faith.

Hajjar added Islam condemns acts of injustice and violence made against civilians and innocents.

He was shocked that the alleged perpetrator of the bombing had claimed to be acting in the name of Islam.

“Islamaphobic acts have been on the rise recently and I fear that they could increase. The Muslim majority has nothing to do with such acts, but unfortunately we pay a cost for them,” says Ajar.

He ensured that violent, militant groups did not exist in Finland.