Norway: Islamic Council organizes protest against terrorism

Norway: Islamic Council organizes protest against terrorism

On Saturday the Islamic Council of Norway led representatives from the Norwegian government, the church of Norway, anti-racists and Norwegian Muslims, in a demonstration to show that the various faiths stood together against terrorism.

Last weekend, Iraqi-born 28 year old Taimour Abdulwahab shocked people by exploding in a suicide attack in Stockholm. A week later, the common thread to all those who joined in the protest was a categorical condemnation of terrorism as a means.

In the ice-cold December in the capital, it warmed many when the head of the Islamic Council of Norway, Senaid Kobilica, quoted from Thorbjørn Egner's Law of Cardamom at the end of his speech:

You should not bother others,
you should be nice and kind,
otherwise you can do as you please.

But before that, Kobilica's tone was more serious. On behalf of Norwegian Muslims, he pointed out that the plans of the suicide bomber in Stockholm were an eye-opener.

"There are no extenuating circumstances that can justify terrorism. Categorical condemnation is the only response," he said during the demonstration.

Kobilica emphasized that terrorism should in no way be excused, and that both Muslims and Christians have an obligation to peaceful coexistence.

"This doesn't mean that we should ignore what's happening in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, but it's a political and military question which should be debated in its proper context."

Several hundred people took time off, or just took a break from shopping in the center of town, to hear the speeches on the terror threat that had come a little closer with the suicide bomber in the neighboring country. These included Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap); Kari Helene Partapuoli, head of the Anti-Racist Center, and Oslo Bishop Ole Christian Kvarme.

All had gathered under the slogan: "Together against terrorism".

"Everybody wants to live a safe life, as simple as that. We therefore stand together against those who want to spread fear," Støre told those present.

Source: Nettavisen (Norwegian)