Netherlands: Al-Qaeda mouthpiece run by Dutch extremists

Netherlands: Al-Qaeda mouthpiece run by Dutch extremists

The Jihadist Ansar Al Mujahideen site is mostly run by Dutch Muslim extremists.

The Dutch behind Al Ansar not only fill the website with English and Dutch hate-texts and propaganda, but also use computer servers in Amsterdam. These Dutch Muslim extremist had close ties with the Hofstad Group in the past.

The terror cell which was recently arrested in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria discussed attacks in the Jewish Quarter in Antwerp, train routes, and crowded locations, and used the site collect money and recruit fighters for a Chechen Jihad group. The site is registered by Ali Mahmoud, with a Brussels PO Box. New members are only accepted to the site if they're trusted by the other Jihadists.

Ansar Al Mujahideen – one of the most important propaganda mouthpieces of al-Qaeda worldwide - is carefully watched by security services, also in the Netherlands. Sources confirm that the website is not only facilitated by the Dutch, but also financed in the Netherlands. The website publicizes official announcements by al-Qaeda.

Intelligence sources confirm that the English part of the website is run by a dozen Dutch Muslim extremists, including several women. Those Dutch members were formerly the driving force behind the now-defunct Dutch extremist website Thabaat, which was tried to members of the Hofstad Group.

The Al Ansar website also has an Arabic and German section. The secret services are concerned about the increasing use of Dutch on the site, which is responsible for publishing the 'Inspire' Jihad magazine, in which al-Qaeda recently took responsibility for sending bomb-packages from Yemen.

In the last three editions of the Jihadist magazine, intelligence servcies saw indications that Dutch were also responsible for the composition. Geert Wilders was threatened in teh second edition of Inspire.

Articles from Dutch papers are increasingly posted on the site, another clear indication of Dutch involvement behind the scenes. Discussions are more and more often written in Dutch. Many forum members hint in their names that they come from the Netherlands.

The website announced the arrest of its forum members, in Dutch. Several days ago, the Jihad website advertised a new Dutch Jihad website, ’’, a Dutch-language website glorifying armed struggle.

There are more and more Dutch translations of Arabic calls to violence in Western Europe. On December 1, a notice appeared in which Western Muslims were called to arm themselves with Kalashnikovs, grenades and Dragunovs (Russian sniper rifles): "The new generation of Jihad is thirsty, we want to drink blood. The best defence is to be the first to attack," according to a quote from the call to violence. The same notice spoke of Geert Wilders.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)