Netherlands: 'Terrorists don't drink, they go to mosques'

Netherlands: 'Terrorists don't drink, they go to mosques'

RTL Nieuws spoke with Abdelkadir Osman Gabaire, from Denmark, one of the Somalis who were arrested in Rotterdam on Christmas Eve. The interview itself is in English (~0:50), with some Dutch by the announcers in between. In the interview Abdelkadir has an interesting explanation for why he shouldn't be suspected of being a terrorist (though note that he never actually denies being one).

"I was just drinking, having fun."

Q: "Drinking alcohol?"

"Yes, drinking alcohol."

Q: "They think you're a Muslim terrorist."

"They might say so. Whenever I asked them, what you call, excuse me, why are we arrested. They tell me 'because you're a terrorist'. A terrorist? Which kind of terrorist drinks? A terrorist has to be, what you call, in the mosque. Not, what you call.. Do you know a terrorist who drinks? Do you know a terrorist who smokes weed? Do you know a terrorist who chews khat? Hell no."


In other news: police say they couldn't recognize the suspects (NL) they were looking for when they made the arrests in a dark apartment, and therefore hauled everybody to jail. The suspect who's still in jail is suspected of visiting a terror-training camp in Yemen. He claims he was just visiting family. His lawyer expects him to be freed Thursday.