Switzerland: Ramadan calls Muslims to join political life

Switzerland: Ramadan calls Muslims to join political life

The last sentence is a threat and puts the existence of Switzerland into doubt. It's not clear to me whether it's a direct quote, or the way Arab Global Network understood it.

Via Global Arab Network:

The Swiss Islamic thinker Tariq Ramadan appealed to the Muslim youth in Switzerland and Europe to appear positively in their communities and to have clear contributions in different forms.

He pointed in a speech before the Conference of Muslim youth in Switzerland last night in Zurich to "the importance of participation in sports and cultural activities to become an part of the society," emphasizing that Islam is a religion has a presence on the scene of Switzerland.

He explained that this goal requires efforts and an act of young Muslims, "as it is not enough that young Muslims seeking to enroll in universities, but they must also continue to research and work in the academic fields." Ramadan also called on Muslims to get out of "the mantle of victims of racism and xenophobia and to confirm their attendance in the European societies of mutual respect and apply the teachings of the true Islam and to avoid of superiority over others." At the same time he criticized the right wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) as a "working against the values of the Swiss cultural of pluralism, which was among the reasons for the continuation of Switzerland".