Sweden: Terror suspects once arrested in Pakistan

Sweden: Terror suspects once arrested in Pakistan

Munir Awad claimed he did not go to Somali for Jihad, but it now turns out he shared an apartment with two Somali terrorists.

Via The Local:
Two of the Swedish citizens arrested following a foiled terror plot against a Danish newspaper have previously been arrested in Pakistan.

Munir Awad, a 29-year-old Swede of Lebanese decent arrested near Copenhagen on Wednesday, was arrested in 2007 by Ethiopian forces in Somalia, together with several other Swedes, including his fiancée, then 17-year-old Safia Benaouda.

Awad was detained in Ethiopia for several months on suspicions of having fought on the side of Islamic forces in Somalia.


In addition, 37-year-old Sahbi Zalouti, who was arrested in the north Stockholm suburb of Järfälla on Wednesday in connection with the Danish terror plot, has been under surveillance by Swedish security service Säpo for some time, according to Swedish media reports.

He was arrested in Pakistan last year and spent 10 days in a Pakistani prison last year for having entered the country illegally. Zalouti claimed at the time he had traveled to Pakistan to spread information about Islam, according to tabloid Aftonbladet.