Antwerp: Dewinter claims Muslim courts are active

Antwerp: Dewinter claims Muslim courts are active

"Apostate Muslims tell me that there are already Muslim courts in the Turkish community in Antwerp," claim Filip Dewinter. But his sensational announcement has no confirmation.

Dewinter made his announcement in an interview in Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. "This is just the first phase," he warns. "In the next the Muslims will demand that Sharia becomes part of our civil law. And in the end there will only be Sharia, the Islamic law. The holy war against the Western hereditary enemy is a duty for every Muslim."

Dewinter doesn't get a lot of approval. "His is completely nuts," says Turkish CD&V politician Erg√ľn Top.

And sp.a. alderman Monica De Coninck: "I've never gotten even one indication about Sharia in Antwerp. I do know that imams sometimes act as mediators in conflicts. But rabbis and pastors do that too."

In an interview in this paper Dewinter calls Vlaams Belang a "resistance movement against the Islamization of Europe". He also lashes out harshly against the Antwerp imam Nordine Taouil, which he called "Allah's pimp".

Taouil regrets Dewinter's statements: "He is trying to turn the communities against each other".

Source: GvA (Dutch)


Filip Dewinter wants to mobilize his troops for a long battle. "The VB is more than ever a resistance movement against the threat of the coming decade: the Islamization of Europe".

Filip Dewinter is fed up with the discussions in the VB. He goes back to the theme that he's always preferred: the multicultural society. Finally we're beginning to convince we're correct, he says.

"Yet more than a political party, the VB is now a resistance movement," says Dewinter. "Resistance against the Belgian state, the radical Islam, crime and politically-correct thinking. And we're not going to compromise."

"The circumstances support us more and more. The headscarf issue, the disastrous new golf of regularization [of illegals], the arrival of Muslim schools, the riots in Brussels: we've always predicted it."

Q: How happy are you with the ban on the headscarf in all schools?

A: I think it's a good thing. The headscarf is not only a prison of textile for those women, but also and especially a political symbol, a weapon in the battle of conquest of Islam. Muslims express this way their feeling of superiority. The headscarf ban is a feather in the VB's cap."

Q: Imam Nordine Taouil apologizes for his call to Muslim girls not to go to school anymore. He denies that he's an extremist.

A: He's practicing the principle of takiya, that every Muslim is allowed to lie and sham whenever the interests of Islam demand that. Taouil is Allah's pimp, he obligates young Muslim women - through his moral coercion to wear the headscarf - to religious prostitution. And he's really a radical salafist who was educated in an extremist London mosque and organizes suspicious trips to Saudi-Arabia. I've learned that myself from apostate Muslims. Taouil strives for a segregated society with separate neighborhoods for Muslims and their own jurisdiction. I don't have hard evidence, but according to my sources some imams in Antwerp already administer justice in civil cases. The advent of Sharia, Islamic jurisdiction, is just a first phase. In the second Muslims would demand that sharia becomes part of our civil law. And in the end there will only be sharia. The holy war - the Jihad - against the Western hereditary enemy is a duty for every Muslims.

Q: All Antwerp Muslims that we know are moderate and very peaceful.

A: Then I call on those right-thinking Muslims to swear off Islam. And we must make an end to our ambiguous, hypocritical relationship with Islam. Stop the (official) recognition of mosques and of Islam, because that is the most considerable restraint on the integration of immigrants. Freedom of religion is an individual right. Recognitions, subsidies and Muslim schools aren't part of it. For that matter, the current anger of the CD&V, sp.a and Open Vld about those schools is hypocritical. Those parties have themselves established and designed the Islamic 'pillar'. [ie, separate community]

A: What do you do than with subsidizing independent education?

Q: I may not and cannot compare Islam with Catholicism. Christianity is at the roots of our civilization and deserves a privileged position. It's something completely different than Islam. May I compare Islam to a crocodile? I quote Churchill: 'we feed the crocodile, hoping it will eat us last.' Soon the crocodile will get to its main course, after he's been fed for years by parties like sp.a and Groen! Those former anti-clerical parties are evolving - through their multicultural beliefs and the background of their voters - more and more into confessional parties. The alliance of progressive, anti-clerical socialists and greens with Muslims is unnatural, because Muslims by nature are very conservative. They don't like gay-rights, abortions and euthanasia (laughs).

Q: You're back to where the Vlaams Blok was twenty years ago, no?

A: Yes, we've been right too early (laughs). Just now we're also convincing, if I read what Dedecker, De Wever and some CD&V'ers are saying. The riots in Molenbeek aren't only about drugs, they are the forerunner of an ethnic-religious guerrilla [war]. And in Antwerp the population after the new regularization will not be 30%, but 40% immigrant. Between 2040 and 2050 we'll reach the 'half plus one' and then we'll have an enormous crisis in our democracy. Then the power takeover would be a fact without one shot having been fired.

Nordine Taouil's response:

"After all the commotion of the past weeks I really prefer not to respond any more. I think the statements of Mr. Dewinter are very unfortunate, he's clearly trying to turn the communities against each other. Of everything he says, absolutely nothing is true. I am a straight person, a moderate Muslim. I've been born and raised here, and I respect everybody in this city. I don't obligate anybody to wear a headscarf. I also don't organize any suspicious trips, I only go sometimes as a guide to the pilgrimage in Mecca. As for sharia: That is a method of the Shiites. I'm Sunni and may not lie as a Muslim. I'm not going to attack Mr. Dewinter and I respect his opinion, but I hope that he's wise enough not to repeat these unfortunate accusations."

Source: Filip Dewinter (Dutch)

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