Copenhagen: Bikers vs. 'Youth'

Copenhagen: Bikers vs. 'Youth'

This was Politiken's title for this story: "Bikers and youths battle at court". The 'youth' are of course 'immigrants'. It's apparently not PC to say "Bikers vs. immigrants battle at court". Immigrants in Europe have found the fountain of youth. For all we know, the 'youth' might be older than the 'bikers', and yet they will always and forever be called 'youth'.


Fighting breaks out in front of Copenhagen Municipal Court which is hearing a case against youths who shot at a Hells Angel tattooist.

There have been tumultuous scenes outside the Copenhagen Municipal Court where youths used café fixtures as missiles, as the court inside dealt with a case involving immigrant youths charged with attempting to kill a Hells Angel.

Trouble broke out when members of the Hells Angels support group AK81 and immigrant youths arrived at the courthouse on Nytorv in Copenhagen.

"Café tables and chairs were thrown but no-one was seriously injured and we have not arrested anyone," the Duty Police Officer tells Ritzau.

Friends of those on trial also threatened journalists sent to cover the trial, but a police operation prevented the situation developing.

According to an eyewitness, a group of some eight young immigrant youths were waiting in front of the courthouse when five aggressive and vociferous bikers rounded the corner.

"The biker-types went straight onto the attack at the group in front of the courthouse with a baseball bat, chairs and tables – but the youths counterattacked," Ritzau quotes the witness as saying.


Source: Politiken (English)

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